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Sunvery specializes in providing recruitment and team extension services. Our team of 20 experienced recruiters uses a hiring approach based on the perfect combination of technology and human creativity, which we implement in every stage of the process. We pay close attention to every detail to ensure that our customers meet hiring goals and have the best possible recruitment experience. 

By working with us, you will benefit from our passion for what we do and our commitment to achieving excellent results.


Let's connect and explore how we can work together!

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Talents in our database based in Ukraine, Europe, Canada, Bulgaria, Georgia, the US and Asia


Customers from the US, Canada, Europe and Asia


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Our Values


Striving to ensure your well-being and satisfaction in every interaction.


Common sense is how to understand people and how to use words and actions to bring the best possible impact out of partnership. 


Natural hunger for getting things done. Above and beyond, high standards of what we do and never do the minimum.

When do you need a recruitment agency?

Before talking about cases when you need a recruitment agency, let’s first clarify what it is and what services recruitment agencies offer.

A recruitment agency is a team of recruiters that finds employees for different companies on the market. An IT recruitment agency is one that deals with the recruitment of employees exclusively in the Information Technology industry. If you need to find an IT professional – you are at the right place, we can help you!


You may need recruitment services in several cases:

  • Passive search is not effective anymore

  • There’s no internal database of the right candidates

  • The rapid growth of the company dictates the rapid hiring of employees in large numbers

  • The specialists are required to be found in extremely short timeframes

  • Want to open a new office but do not have the infrastructure in the desired location yet

  • If there is no internal recruiter, the search for candidates goes to the company’s top managers –
    their time is expensive


Once we have identified the challenges, the recruitment agency can help you with, let’s find out what the cooperation between the recruiting agency and a company looks like and how it works.


The point of your cooperation with the IT recruitment agency is that the agency takes over all responsibilities for recruiting candidates for certain vacancies while you can concentrate on your core business.


At first, the employment agency communicates with the responsible hiring manager from your side to be on the same page in terms of whom we are looking for and what the deadlines are.


After that, if you are working with Sunvery IT recruitment agency, you get a recruitment plan for each vacancy, that gives you detailed information on the:

  • the number of relevant specialists in the IT market of the needed country / a specific city

  • Top 5 companies with the most relevant specialists

  • average market salaries

  • average terms of the vacancy closing


The recruiting agency then proceeds to active sourcing and engaging with potential candidates and conducts pre-screening with those who got interested (a preliminary interview with the recruitment agency, where our specialist determines if the candidate meets your requirements).


In the process of the work, the representative of the recruiting agency sends the relevant candidates to your hiring manager to decide if the person moves to the next stage (technical interview, etc.).


You just need to choose the best fit from the pipeline the recruitment agency provides you with.

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